Orthopaedic supports in Malta

Customized orthopaedic aids

For years the Orthopaedic Supply Store by Emanuele Aliotta has offered its client a large choice of orthopaedic supports in Malta and in three stores around Sicily. The specialized, qualified and skilled staff of the Orthopaedic Centre Malta is completely available to offer quality assistance to choose the most suitable supports for the rehabilitation and advice about the specific equipment for orthopaedic traumas.

The staff of Orthopaedic Centre Malta is ready to give to patients an accurate diagnosis, help them understand their condition, treat them efficiently and effectively, and aid them during the recovery process.

Using the most modern equipment and the latest technology, we strive to provide the right treatment at the right time for each patient. Our goal is to empower the patient with the services and education that will assist them returning to their highest level of function.

The store aims to satisfy the clients and provide them with the most suitable solutions for every problem: everything is possible thanks to the experience gained in these years, the help of avant-garde equipment and technical and professional top quality supports. Orthopaedic Centre Malta is specialized in the manufacture of orthopaedic supports and customized aids: modern equipment and machines are used to create prostheses for the lower and upper limbs.

The orthopedic technicians at Orthopaedic Centre Malta measure fabricate and fit patients with Lower and Upper Limb Splints and Braces (like Ankle Foot Orthosis/ AFOs), wrist and forearm splints. Patients include those with neuromuscolar and muscoskeletal disorders that require added support to aid their walking or those that require splinting to maintain the correction that has been achieved surgically or through manipulation. Orthosis fabricated include:The Orthopaedic Supports in Malta manufactured in the store are:

• Prostheses
• Orthopaedic braces
• Scoliosis corsets
• Corsets with sticks
• Orthopaedic corsets
• Made-to-meausure shoes
• Orthopaedic shoes
• Customized insoles

A custom-made orthosis is a highly specialised device that is manufactured from a cast or mould of the individual patient. It is not able to be fitted to another person, a sit has been designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the individual. Whilst selected health practitioners provide custom made orthosis for either the foot or the upper limb, only orthosist/prosthetist are qualified to fit custom made orthoses for the entire body. Therefore, a clinical assessment and consultation by an orthosist/prosthetist will ensure that your entire body or limb segmenti s ossesse and the full range of orthotic treatment options considered.